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Southern Minnesota Area 36

P.O. Box 2812
Minneapolis, MN 55402

To e-mail any of the Area 36 Officers, use the links below.

Area Delegate: Lisa G. Alt. Chair: Mary M.
Alt. Delegate: Curt K. Secretary: Jeanne H.
Area Chairperson: Missy P. Treasurer: Karl R.

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To e-mail any of the Area 36 Standing Committee Chairs or other (non-voting) trusted servants,
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Archives: Niles A. Newsletter: Jim V.
Archivist: Paul H. Public Information: Drew F.
Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) Larry F. Pink Can Plan: James N.
Corrections: Terry H. Remote Communities: Eric J.
Correction Facilities Contact Program (CFCP) Tom B. Structure (Alternate Delegate): Curt K.
Finance (Alternate Chair): Mary M. Treatment: Theo A.
Grapevine: Carla N. Treatment Temporary Contact Desk Andy D..
Group Records: Annette W. Web Site: Patrick S.
Literature: Joe B. Webmaster: Dennis B.
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To e-mail any of the Districts within Area 36, use the links below.

District 1 District 10 District 19
District 2 District 11 District 20
District 3 District 12 District 21
District 4 District 13 District 22
District 5 District 14 District 23
District 6 District 15 District 24
District 7 District 16 District 25
District 8 District 17 District 26
District 9 District 18 District 27

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To e-mail any of the Area 36 Past Delegates who have email access, use the links below.

Panel 41 Dennis B. Panel 45 Doug M.
Panel 47 Karin M. Panel 49 Bonnie McC.
Panel 51 Christine C. Panel 53 Brenda L.
Panel 55 Mark M. Panel 57 thru 8/2007 Samira A.
Panel 57-59 8/07-2010 Scott A. Panel 61 Angie E.
Texas Area 68 Past Delegate in MN Tom McM. Panel 63 Terry L.
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